Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bright summer ending

We don't want it to end, true right ?
We hold on to the last shreds of lights that the end of summer still offers.
As for my part, I had the best summer I haven't had from ages...
Only cause nothing terrible happened for once. Is it to simple to say I loved it; the simple life ?
I don't even had some holidays. But God knows I'd chilled !

How was your summer ?


Glasses from Urban Outfitters
Vintage dress from Mad Vintage Clothing
Wedges shoes from &Other Stories

Photo Credits: Jordan Dorey

Speak soon,


Monday, July 25, 2016

Little Fly // ZUIT fw collection

Quick view on some lookbook I did for the designer Steph Verano.
I loved the different textures she used, and the warm winter colours ... Dear how I miss winter when it's boiling summer outside !

Photos were taken by Gabrielle Malewski. Long time no see!



Sunday, June 26, 2016


Hello Dears,
I hope you're all good. Sunny days have finally pointed out in Paris lately ! wow, that was long.
This street style was shot at Le Jardin des Plantes, and while we wandered around the alleys with Maou I realized I never went there... well not in this area, which is completely ridiculous because I've been living in "Paris" for a long time and nothing could have held me from it.
I supposed a lot of things like that happened when you live in a big city.
As well, I haven't seen the Eiffel Tower for such a long time! And I went to Trocadero for the Orlando remembrance, which was a bit curious seeing all the football team supporters.
And our tiny LGBT team next to it.

The outfit I'm wearing is from Mad Vintage Clothing; I just fell in love with their thrift shops in Paris. Everything's vintage of course, but there is some brand collector pieces and thrift items for reasonable prices.
Among the varieties of skirts, tops and jackets you can also found some old "Made in England" Dr Marten's : so go check them out !

All outfit from Mad Vintage Clothing
Find their shops in Chatelet les Halles, Paris !

Thanks to Maou Bertrand for this series of photos.


Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Blame Runner

Hello Dears,
I hope you are alright. I'm in a very good mood since like a month now, I have been a bit sensitive these last days but the sun came back (finally! heard about the flooding in Paris? well it's incredible we couldn't even believe it) so I'm rising again and holding it good , yup!
So for this simple and calm state of mind here is a very quick n simple outfit (perfect if you dance on techno haha; i call it my techno look when I got this hat) which is also not really expensive.
I give all the details just below.

In fact I got this amazing vintage shirt from the CherryCameTo, you can even check her Instagram this girl rocks!


  • Shirt from the CherryCameTo ; this girl boutique is awesome go and check what she got online! about 12€
  • Skirt by Brandy Melville (gift)
  • Nike cap shopped at Footlocker about 15€
  • Running sneakers from Primark about 9€
Et voilà!

All pictures by Marc Finot

Speak soon,