Sunday, February 18, 2018

Another brick in the Wall

Hello Dears,

Sooo it has been nearly 5 weeks of medicine free now ... Well, I won't say it's easy ! I'm struggling with up and downs this week ..ugh That I haven't missed AT ALL!
But also: on the bright side ...
I have been creative all this week omg 
I cannot believe it. It might seems normal for you but you cannot imagine how hard it is when you have a creative mind and that some drugs take it away for you in attempt of making you feel better.
I've been drawing, writing, singing, make my own cosmetics, cleaning my home (not creative but it takes some motivation haha) , cooking, practicing card reading, and I've finally made a note to rent my car park : which I've been postponing for like err a year ?!

So this is a positive week don't you think ? 🌞


Beret & Heart knee-high socks from Dolls Kills
Bracelet from Cheap Monday
Vintage coat
Body top from Asos
Vinyl skirt by Primark
Lipstick by Limecrime // Chocolate Bar from Revolution

& Buffalo shoes (i died when my friend Clem sold me hers ... thanks again <3 )

I thank my fabulous photographer Virginie Z, for these pictures xxx


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Marble Witch

Hello Dears,

Sorry for the pleated satin dress 😩
I made my best but it's so hard to iron !
Anyhoo I hope you're all well. As for me i this is my third week weaning the pills I used to take ...
I'm feeling so confident , the only fact That I want to go better all by myself is in itself already a success for me...

Wish me luck , or strength should I say !

Thrift coat & dress
Salomé cherry red arcadia from Dr Martens
Choker from Missguided 
(last brand i won't put any link because i'm so choked by their sexist labels ... 
"give it to your mom she'll wash it" ... awkward right!)

Lipstick: Arctic collection Kiko


Pics by Virginie Zilbermann

Monday, February 05, 2018


Hello Dears,

Now that I finally accepted my body changes ... I started to lose weight once again ! I promised I don't anything special to change that fast ...
Although, I believe that the fact that I stop (or reduce for the moment) my mental treatment is also affecting my weight. I know that without it I was slimmer... Anyway, I don't care about my body now: as long as I'm confident I'm fine with it! I'll just wish I was stable that's all...

Do you also have some unbalanced body issues ? 
I'm getting very tired about it ...

Underwear from Primark 😈


Friday, February 02, 2018

Zaful wishlist Valentines sales 2018

Hi Dears, hope you're all well. Sorry for my disappearance these days ... But few outfits are pending ! 
I just have been so much busy with work this month.
As I already wrote a wishlist about Zaful fashion products I decided to do it once again.
This time I think I really have summer in mind : I so need some holidays haha

There are several sets in the Valentine sales 2018, I liked:

Stripe set 3

even for some Valentine's underwear ! Go check the website !


Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Sugar Baby

Hello Dears,

I start 2018 in a very good mood ! how about you ?
I haven't shot a latex outfit since .. well I don't know , a very long time ! 
I'm happy I shot this set with my friend Linda , it's a bit different from what she usually does but actually I think it's a perfect photo match. She made my curves be so fierce ;)

This bodysuit is handmade by Liquorice & Lace , you can mix and match all the colours you want:
Go give them a look <3

Speak soon !