Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Hello Dears,

Quick post to show you the last parcel I received. I love the autumn design and the theme is clearly about nourishing when the weather 's getting cold.

I needed a new face lotion and here I have one ! so that's cool. It's not too thick I like that, I'm used to wear some kind of aqua gel cream the last one was from Biotherm and it was dope.
=> Jonzac

I always  wanted to try a solid face mask. It's kind of weird to apply but leave less waste behind, I'll see how good it is in time.
=> Pachamamai

The BB cream from Miss W; last time I really enjoyed using the mascara from Miss W I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like this one.
=> Miss W

More info on BiotyfullBox


Monday, October 02, 2017

Tartan Love

Hello Dears,

I finally love wearing red ! I hated this colour for a long time but I reckon everything changes one day :)

I'm feeling alright this week (yahoo thumbs up!) maybe it's a bit strange for those who met me in my boyish moments but I'm like hyper sexualized and much more feminine as I used to be. Like I even wear heels for no real reason : yes this girly !


Tartan plaid dress by Rosegal
Fishnet tights by New Look
Wide Fit Pumps by New Look

Brooch by Six

Red mat lipstick ; Limecrime of course 💋

Thanks again to Lara Guffroy for the pics !

Love ,

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Monday, September 25, 2017


Hello Dears !

Excuse my dark rings under my eyes here but I don't sleep much these times ... plus, I had a big party the night before the shoot haha. But it's not my type to cancel.
I talked about it yesterday with a friend and we should not feel guilty when we have to listen to ourselves.
I tamed the work issues but it's not it yet, I'm feeling very sensitive these days and anything can drive me crazy. Like not in a sad way , but crazy crazy. Like laughing when you're exhausted.
Hope it'll pass.


Tee shirt from Pull and Bear
Shorts from SheIn
Red Brogues Made in England by Dr Martens

Thanks again to Lara Guffroy for the pictures !


Monday, September 18, 2017


Hello Dears,

This week end I went to the Smmmile Vegan Pop Festival with Morgane, a work colleague, and it was rad !
We ain't vegan but let's say vege-friendly. Always a good thing to learn about ecology though 🌱🌱

(In order from the pictures)

I met Natou from @Natoushop she's a stylist and crazy vintage look inspirer. On her Instagram she posts some outfits and clothes she's selling but also donating sometimes ! She doesn't want to buy new but recycle fashion mostly.
There was my friend Anne Verhague doing some make up at a really small price (even though she's a great make up artist !) to promote some vegan make up products. I already had some make up on so I couldn't try, such a shame.
We stopped at the Dr Martens Photo Booth corner (even though we have one in our shop...) presented here thanks to its vegan shoe line. The material is made from plastic but very soft and not like the faux-leather you can find everywhere. The glue used is also coherent with the Vegan chart.

Plim is a real discovery ! I already heard about the menstrual cup, but I had the chance to ask questions about the periodic protection. I thought it would stink but in fact the plastic used in the ones commercialized in supermarkets make it worth ! The fabric maintains the smell and there are some buttons to roll it before you wash it. From a light to a super absorbant protection it's around 14 to 27€.

Drops concept store is all about ecologic ingredients in cosmetics. I was mostly intrigued by its deodorant which are mainly made from shea butter and really nourishing but can also stop sweating... I haven't try though. ( deodorant from 13€)

What I loved and bought (at last!) was a washing powder dose from Mamie Cendrine. It's cruelty free and handmade I'm looking forward to try in the next machine !

We ate like queens at the booth of Jay & Joy a vegan dairy store in Paris; I didn't even know they had a shop ! It's not cheese so don't expect anything like it but the one I preferred was kind of similar to some feta if you spread it. Yummy ! (fake cheese around 5€)

And to finish the day I had a tattoo... I was so excited ! The tattoo artist is Katie McPayne and she uses vegan cruelty free ink. She's also a hell of woman this is purely an abstract feeling but I love what draws out from her energy.
Go check her work !


(I was so cold at this time...)