Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wishlist Rosegal; the navy lace dress

Hello Dears,

So since a few weeks now I've been more and more into dresses, skirts, details like lace or anything feminine clothing which relate to my old outfits, not always vintage but still. I always got my gingham outfits, navy dresses with round collar, 50s housing clothes and so on.
Shaping your body which has changed and marking the waist that what was going on my mind !
I found the website Rosegal recently and it presented a lot of stuff really affordable.
I just made my first order on it, and I'm really looking forward to give you my opinion on it.
I haven't managed to show you picture here; but am sure gonna give you links of what I loved on Rosegal.


* The maxi long navy lace dress; the back is gorgeous isn't it ?
* The charming 50s repro dress, how not loving it ?
* Some wild lingerie; thrilled to think about making some photos with it !

Have a look by yourself loves

Monday, April 17, 2017

After Party

Hello everybody !
I have been away for a while , ugh ...
I haven't really been partying like I was, even though I pretend on this set! nope, but some vintage touch started coming back to me ... So I figured I'll show you.


Earrings; Six
Dress; H&M Divided
Shoes; Asos

Big thanks to Chloranamour

See u soon,